Sunday 7 May 2017

Gymnocalycium brunchii ssp pawlowski GN 96-751/3143

MAY 2017

Look at the size of the bud to the size of the plant. Ridiculous! 

Gymnocalycium mucidum

New arrival - May 2017

Not sure about the name on this. Mr Charles says it is a name of "uncertain application" and that it is potentially to do with G glaucum This plant obviously isn't!

Gymnocalycium prochazkianum VS141

May 2017 - new arrival

Also know as G mostii ssp valnicekianum.

From Argentina.

Gymnocalycium gaponii B42

New arrival - May 2017

Lumped in with G erinaceum, but I have to say looks nothing like any other erinaceum I have got.

Gymnocalycium nataliae STO 868

May 2017 - new arrival

Considered to be a variation of G berchtii.

From Argentina

Gymnocalycium platygonum

May 2017 - new arrival

Not a recognised name - but related to G bodenbenderianum.

This is a great little squat plant with spins tight to body.

Friday 14 August 2015

Gymnocalicium spegazzinii v cardenasianum

I do like a dark spined dark skinned spegazzinii. I have had this one since 2011 and this is the first year it has flowered. I find it slow and this year whilst it has flowered it seems to be struggling to grow spines.